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Care Coordinators

Having physical or mental health conditions can impact on all aspects of your life whether that may be social, financial, housing, educational or well-being needs. As care coordinators we combine all of these contributing factors by providing non-medical support with the aim to make sure you have the fastest and best-quality service with continuity. We work with the surgery’s PCN’s, paramedics, nursing staff, practice managers, admin and reception staff to ensure patients are being given support within all areas of their lives. We offer up to 3 months of support through home visits, surgery visits, phone conversations and we are able to connect you to other support services in the community. We use a comprehensive personalised care model to achieve our primary focus for our patients which ask the questions ‘what matters the most for you’ and ‘what can we do to help.’


Having many health conditions or seeking support for a mental health condition can mean that you see a variety of health and social care professionals; it can impact on different aspects of your life. A care coordinator wants to make sure you have the fastest and best-quality service with continuity.

A health professional may have talked to you about a referral to a care coordinator to help support you to manage your health condition or to support someone you are caring for.

Your care coordinator will review your health and care needs and ensure that you are accessing the right care and support. They will coordinate your support across health and social care services and develop a personalised care and support plan which brings all your care and support needs together into one plan.

A care coordinator will support you to be actively involved in managing your health and to make decisions about your care needs and treatment. They will help to coordinate appointments and ensure any information about your health needs is in a format that you can understand. They will support you to make shared decisions about your health and care needs and support you to communicate these choices to other professionals when needed.

Care coordination will:

  • Ensure you only have to tell your story once
  • Help improve your choice and control over how your care and support needs are met
  • Enable you to have a single support plan which identifies all your needs
  • Enable better understanding between you and your family and health professionals to support you to better manage your condition
  • Help the different people and services that support you to work together in a better way
  • Give you a single point of contact for your health and wellbeing needs
  • Support shared decision-making between professionals and patients
  • Support personal health budgets for people with complex needs

It may include: 

  • Providing access to information and resources to help you to build your knowledge, confidence and skills
  • Liaising with other professionals on your behalf
  • Clearly mapping out your story and your needs
  • Providing you with links to information that can help with your health journey
  • Connecting you to other services in the community

Studies show that care coordination can help with the management of health conditions and improve health.

Care Coordinator

  • Central point of contact
  • Support a patient through their care journey
  • Support people to understand and manage thier condition
  • Help people to prepare for or follow up from clinical conversations they have with primary care professionals

Health and Wellbeing Coach

  • Highly skilled in coaching, and behavioural change
  • Support people to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to become active participants in looking after their own health
  • Support people to reflect on and change their health-related behaviours
  • Help people reach their self-identified health and wellbeing goals

Social Prescriber

  • Address the wider determinants of physical and mental health such as poor housing, debt, stress and loneliness
  • Work collaboratively with a variety of local partners and connect people to:
    • Local community groups and agencies for practical and emotional support
    • Activities that promote health and wellbeing (such as the arts, sports or natural environment)

To be eligible for care coordination you must be 18 or over and registered with Princes Park practice. To access this service your GP surgery can refer you directly to us, or use the contact details below for a direct approach; 

Care Coordinators for Princes Park Health Centre

Jill Morgan:  07704 338151

Hannah de Kerckhove:  07704 338150

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