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Eastbourne Healthcare Partnership
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Minor Surgery

The practice is able to perform certain minor operations in the surgery. Your doctor will usually be able to tell you what procedures can be performed. We hope to be able to expand this facility in the near future.

Family Planning

Clinics are held at Horder Healthcare on Tuesday mornings by Dr Pope. A full range of family planning services is available including the fitting of coils and contraceptive implants.

Antenatal Care

Full antenatal care is provided by all the doctors with the help of the midwives. Please let your doctor know as soon as you think you might be pregnant.

Cervical Smear Tests

All female patients between the ages of 25 and 64 are advised to have regular smear tests. These are very important indeed because they can detect early signs of disease which can be treated. The recommendation is for a smear test to be done in accordance with the protocol listed below. We run a computerised recall system and you will normally be reminded when you are due. If, however, you think you have not had a smear test done within the allocated time, please discuss this with your doctor or the practice nurse.

Protocol for Cervical Screening

Age group Frequency
25 years First invitation
25 - 49 3-yearly
50 - 64 5-yearly
65 + Screening for patients whose last three tests included an abnormal result.

Child Health

All the doctors in the practice are approved to do child health screening. We strongly recommend that all children be immunised as and when due. You will normally receive an appointment from child health through the post when your baby's immunisation is due. The baby will also be assessed by the doctor at six weeks of age as part of the postnatal check-up. The health visitor will also monitor the child's development and will be happy to advise on any problems regarding child care.

Adult Vaccination

We offer vaccinations for adults when necessary, eg tetanus vaccination booster dose.

During the winter months we also offer flu vaccination. This is available to everyone over the age of 65 and anybody who has chronic heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes, those who are carers or poultry workers.

Pneumonia vaccine is also recommended for all those over the age of 65 and in the same high risk groups for flu. This is a one-off vaccine and can be given at any time of year. If you fit the above criteria and have never had a pneumonia vaccine, please book in to see the nurse.

Tetanus vaccination no longer requires a booster every 10 years. If you have had five tetanus in your lifetime, this should be sufficient cover. However, if you have a serious wound that is particularly dirty, you are at risk from tetanus whether or not you have had all five doses of vaccine. Your doctor/practice nurse will assess your wound and will decide if you need an additional tetanus shot or tetanus anti-serum.

Travel Clinic

The travel clinic is at Princes Park Health Centre and vaccinations may be booked for patients travelling abroad. Please allow six to eight weeks for a long haul immunisation schedule. Some vaccinations are chargeable and a list of prices is available at either practice or you can download a copy here: Click here to download. (doc, 32KB)

Diabetic Clinic

The practice runs three clinics a week; two are held jointly by either Dr Andrews or Dr Southward with practice nurses, and the third solely by nurses. All patients with diabetes will be invited to attend for an annual review of their diabetes and at other times in between, where appropriate. This is a screening and monitoring clinic. Patients with urgent problems related to their diabetes should see their own doctor first who may then refer on to the clinic.

Smoking Cessation

Patients may ask their doctor to refer them to the smoking cessation clinic, or they may book directly with the clinic which is held at the Princes Park Health Centre. Literature is available from the surgery.

Princes Park Clinic Times & Days

Appointments are bookable for;
Tuesdays 9.00am - 1.00pm & Thursdays 9.00am - 5.00pm by calling 0800 6226968.

Warfarin (INR) Clinic

Our surgery offers Warfarin testing for Princes Park Health Centre patients. Referrals for this clinic are via your GP or from the hospital.

Well Person Clinic

This is run by the practice nurses. Your doctor may wish to refer you to this clinic for screening tests. Procedures that can be carried out here include blood pressure measurements, height and weight, advice on breast awareness and cervical smear tests. Blood and urine screening is given where appropriate.

Advice is also given by the practice nurse on various health care matters. For more information about the services offered by the clinic, please consult your doctor.

Initial/Periodic Health Checks

The practice is able to offer these. You may:

  • Be offered a health check when you join a GP practice for the first time.
  • Ask for a health check if you are between 16 and 74 and have not seen your GP for the last three years.
  • Be offered a health check once a year in your GP's surgery, or at your own home if you are housebound.
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